Essay on Poverty And Its Effects On America

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In Southeast Asia a majority of people can barely afford 3 meals a day. In countries such as Cambodia people can work for hours and hours just to be barely paid. People can save their money in banks only to find them empty and others must experience through immense poverty since their government contains an immense lust for money and power. A plethora of causes of poverty exists in our world and people loathe them.

Loans commonly and predominant cause poverty , whether they are student loans or bank loans for houses, to escape debt or out of poverty. A person gives a Loan (a certain amount of money) to a person and the person who receives the money pays back a percentage of the received money every month, week or year. Loans require to be paid on the due date or objects will be confiscated as payment. Not all jobs pay the person on or before the due date and there are taxes that required to be paid that rid people of the money that lets them stay out of poverty. Loans also move the money deposited in the bank by others else which infers if people wants their money back they might not regain it back for other people own it, their credit exists except their money, gone! The Great Depression caused to an extent by school or bank loans and people were impoverished, had worn clothing, poor housing and little food and access to health. There exists, students who graduate college or graduate school and become impoverished as a result of student loans. There also exist times…

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