Poultry Farming In Nigeria Essay

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Poultry farming in Nigeria has not only proven to be one of the most important aspect of farming but also a very profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs and provides employment for the job seekers.
Apart from Pork and fish, Chicken is one of the major sources of animal meat and is one of the most popularly eaten meat. The major customers for poultry farms are hotels, fast food restaurants, beer parlours etc. So because of this high market demand, Poultry farming offers an opportunity to make big bucks for big investors as well as small scale farmers.
This article is designed to will help you go through the steps and will teach you how to start poultry farming in Nigeria.
But before I dive into the guidelines for raising chickens,
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This is because land in such less developed areas is cheap. You can get 3 or 4 plots of land in the rural area for the price of 1 plot of land in the city. However, you will not have to bother with animal/human cohabit polices.
Make sure that the land you acquire is accessible so that your birds can be transported to the urban area for sell.
Housing for your birds is another important factor to consider before you can start your own poultry farming in Nigeria. Here are a few basic tips;
• You should construct a well ventilated coop (hen house) for your chickens; well aired but not too warm. Your coop should able to keep off rodents, snakes, cats and other predators.
• Ensure there is enough space for the birds to move around. The space helps curtail an outbreak of epidemic
• Make sure that your coop is easily accessible, as you will need to make regular visits to feed, refill water and clean the coop.
• Include a roosting area in your coop (if you have layers)
• Employ a means for handling or disposing chicken manure/ waste.
• Visit any reputable poultry farm to see how the house is constructed.
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Your chickens should be vaccinated to prevent all bird related diseases like bird flu, fowl cholera, fowl pox etc. I advise you have a personal vet doctor for your chickens.
Maintenance Tips
• Clean out your poultry farm regularly and disinfect your coop on a regular basis to avoid disease.
• Use wood shavings for your coop floor.
• If you are a starter in poultry farming in Nigeria, I recommend you start small and then grow over time.
• A heat lamp must be available at all times in your poultry farm to keep the chickens warm, especially during the raining season.
• Poultry business requires time and attention
• Note that as breeds of chickens are different, so are their feeds and medicaltion.
It takes just 6 to 8 weeks for broiler chickens to be grown enough for meat and 18 to 20 weeks for layers to start laying eggs. Layer farming can be said to be the most profitable of all poultry farming. This is because Layer chickens will do two things for its farmer; they will lay eggs which fetch money in the market, and when they have past their prime, they will be sold for the meat. Either way, poultry farming in Nigeria is and will always be a money making venture for anyone that takes the

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