Potential Employers Value People Who Can Be Distinguished From The Other Employees Or Candidates

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Potential employers value people who can be distinguished from the other employees or candidates. In order to distinguish people, employers look at the attributes that each individual have, that is they look at the General attributes, Specific attributes and Attitudes.
Specific Attributes: These are the requirements that employers look for, these can fall in two different sections that is the job-related attributes and the knowledge required to carry out the job.
The job-related attributes are:
• Technical knowledge: This relates to how the employee carries out certain tasks with procedure. For example, if an IT technician needs to repair a computer, first he needs to know that he should not open a computer when connected to an electrical source, then he should proceed to stop the current in the computer. In order to that the technician needs to be able to switch the electricity off in this way he is able to avoid being electrocuted.

This is valued by the employer because it means that the employees know what they are doing. This saves money to employers because they don’t need to hire someone external who does the job for a high-hourly rate. Also, if the employees know how to solve the problem, the employer will save more money on them as they are not wasting time looking for help.
Another reason that makes employees value technical knowledge is because the employees can get the work done more quickly if they know how to use the machinery or the facilities of the…

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