Characteristics Of Perfect Employees

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The perfect employee does not exist but employers can look for certain qualities in potential employees. These attributes are skills that enhance the employees ability to fulfil their job requirements so they are appealing to the employer. There are three main categories that employers can look for, one type refers to the person themselves while the others pertain to the organisation that they hope to join.

Specific Attributes Valued by Employers

This is the first type of attribute that employers can look for. Employers can look for special qualities or abilities in their employee, these are known are specific attributes and they fall into two broad categories: Job-related attributes and Work Attributes.

Job-related Attributes
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Working procedures may be labelled as 'good ' when they take into account all health, safety and security problems. For example if they employee is unwell they should not go to work as they may spread their illness to other workers and effect the entire business. This is a quality that all competent workers should possess as without good working procedures then the company will suffer.

Another good working procedure is the ability to follow the Health and Safety Act. This legislature demands that all employees to take 'reasonable care of themselves and others who could be affected by what they do '. An employee should be aware of any negative reproduction their actions could have and should adjust these actions accordingly.Additionally this act states that employees that have 'been injured at work, seen a dangerous occurrence, or (their) doctor has certified that (they) have a work related reportable disease ' must report this to their employer. Informing your employer of any illness is very important as it allows them to follow the correct procedure and give the sick or injured employee sick pay and organise any cover if they
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Employees who make the best use of their time often use a diary to manage their time and ensure that they do not have meetings that overlap or any time tat they are sitting doing nothing. Those who offer a service rely on a diary to keep track of the clients they are expecting and the appointments they have on a particular day. This is often the case for doctors are businessmen as there days will often be brimming with activity and need to be managed properly so they attend all of their meetings on time. To manage time effectively the diary being used should be small enough to be kept in a persons pocket but not so small that it can be misplaced.

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