Job Design Research Paper

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A job design preference form is a work arrangement or rearrangement that aims at reducing job lack of satisfaction, meeting proper conditions for employees and increasing job productivity. Job design preference should follow the following plan;
Feedback on the job from the management
Every employee gets to get feedback from their supervisors and this may help appreciate those in management more. Giving feedback may also help the employees to correct their mistakes when it comes to the job and therefore helping in increasing the productivity of the job. Providing feedback is mainly the work of the manager or the main supervisor in charge. This helps the staff to be in check and be keen in their work therefore higher job productivity.
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Once there is a since of responsibility in the employee, it may help them to deliver what is expected of them and therefore will make it easier for the supervisor to determine what is delivered within the job. Manager and other workers should be able to identify irresponsible acts in a job such as, lateness when coming to work, not delivering what a job requires, failure it delegate, lack of doing the work on time and many priorities some of them not even related to the job. An individual who recognizes his responsibilities gets his work done on time, gives supervisors less headaches, clearly knows his duties in the organization and meets the deadlines for every particular job.

Task significance
In the organization, individuals should be able to know the significance of their jobs, the importance of the job and the need to be a responsible employee for the organization. By realizing the significance of their jobs, employees get to work harder and meet what is required from them by the end of the day/
Resources to help in performance
In order to meet certain goals and deadlines, an organization needs to have the proper updated resources which can help the employees to do their jobs efficiently. For example in a high technology company, it would be wise to have electronic devices which will help the employees meet a certain level of productivity in the company or organization.
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Division of tasks in the organization is very important as it helps manage the duties. In some organization, some tend to give a lot of work to others who are mainly the hardworking crowd, and out of anger due to overworking, these workers tend to quit leaving the lazy ones in the organization therefore reducing the productivity of the organization. This calls upon the need to manage the division of work and ensuring everyone does their fair share.
This simply means giving more scope to employees to regulate their jobs in their working areas. This helps the employees and staff to make their own decisions in regard to their job area. For example, employees may not need to explain their job methods just as long as they deliver what is expected from them, therefore it is very closely related to responsibility. Employees get a chance to make their own decisions which helps them in delivering what is expected of them without pressure making the job enjoyable and well

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