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The mission of Carol’s Confections is to serve delicious bakery goods while providing an excellent customer experience. We do this by using quality ingredients and providing excellent customer service to all who visit our establishment. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Vision Statement:
Carol’s Confections vision is for our bakery to be the number one choice for our community’s baked good needs. We will provide quality products, be a team-minded employer, and give excellent customer service.

Belief Statement:
Carol’s Confections believes we achieve our full potential when we:
• Serve quality products at affordable prices
• Give excellent customer service to all
• Provide
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To achieve and maintain a standard of excellence from our kitchen to our customer’s homes below you will find a detailed outline of the expectations for every employee.
 Uniforms: Each employee will be given two Carol’s Confections shirts when hired. Additional shirts can be purchased for $5.00 (with the option of having the cost deducted from the employee’s paycheck). Black pants and restaurant grade slip-resistant shoes are required as well. In addition, black aprons, hair nets, and gloves are required and will be provided to each employee.
 Duties of Bakers: Each baker is expected to report to work by 6 a.m. Bakers are to follow the recipes provided by Carol’s Confections—no deviations are acceptable unless prior approval is given. The main duty of each baker is to prepare the day’s baked goods and have them cooled in time to decorate before the bakery opens.
 Duties of Decorators: Decorators are to report to work by 8 a.m. Decorators are to decorate the confections per the guidelines in the recipes. Decorators have the flexibility to add or change decorations with prior consent. Special orders from customers must be followed per the customer’s
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Taste and presentation of baked goods are to be quality work that deserves to bear the name of our company. Are the products going out the door accurate and to the customer’s satisfaction? Performance quality of each employee will be evaluated to ensure standards are being met.
 Communication: Teamwork is essential. Employees are expected to work together through communicating and listening to each other as well as our customers. If one member of the team is struggling, the entire team struggles.
 Planning and Organization: The bakery is to be stocked daily with fresh baked goods as well as having special orders ready for customers at specified times. Planning and organizing for the day’s schedule is crucial in order for the business to be a success. How well an employee plans and organizes will be reflected in evaluations.
 Job Knowledge: Employees are expected to have a base knowledge upon hire and are encouraged to expand their knowledge to grow individually and as a member of the team.
 Ethics: Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are to be shown through employees each and every

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