Essay about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( Ptsd )

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Every year as Americans, we are called upon to take a day in support of those who have served our nation; this national holiday is known as Veterans Day. Veterans who have served our country go through high pressure situations, and these situations can be detrimental to their mind. Oxford English dictionary defines Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as “a condition which can develop following exposure to an extremely stressful situation or series of events outside the usual range of human experience, which may manifest itself in recurrent nightmares or intrusive vivid memories and flashbacks of the traumatic event, and in withdrawal, sleep disturbance, and other symptoms associated with prolonged stress or anxiety”(Post-Traumatic) Many veterans returning to civilian life after active duty suffer from PTSD which is harmful not only to themselves, but to the people they fought to protect. As a serious mental illness, PTSD, can often lead to suicide, serious depression, and homelessness. Americans are memorializing those veterans who fought and died for our freedom, but are overlooking those who have survived and are suffering from the effects of PTSD.
Distributive Question: Are Americans neglecting Veterans with PTSD?
On 7 November 2015, a ceremony dedicated to Veterans who served our country, was held at the Northern Colorado Veterans Plaza. The ceremony lasted for an hour and a half and had around 70 people in attendance. Henry Hyde, a student currently enrolled in…

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