Positives : What Makes The Disney Company Essay

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Positives: What makes the Walt Disney Company stand out from other companies is that it has many intangible assets. The company has a good reputation, trusting relationships, and great customer loyalty. I thought it was great as a cast member we are taught to recycle, and learn to be resourceful with the products that we have. Examples that I can give it when we are eating on lunch there are signs by the napkins saying only take what you need with a picture of sad Disney characters. Also you can get free drinks at times if you bring your reusable water bottle. They have put alot of effort into caring about the footprint they are leaving on the earth. “We have reduced net emissions by 31% from our 2012 levels, the company has said By 2020, reduce net emissions will be reduced by 50% from 2012 total levels.” (Walt Disney Annual Report) This shows a lot of initiative of a company to work forward in lowering the carbon foot print. We have watched so many videos regarding people trying to make money doing things like hurting the planet tossing mercury in water and to see a company taking the right steps is always good! Another thing that I thought was beneficial to all of us is breathing better air. “Disneyland Resort is home to one of the largest collections of privately owned public access EV charging stations in Southern California.” (Walt Disney Annual Report). A personal example I can talk about is personally seeing repairs and new additions in the guest and cast parking…

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