Bullying: The Effects On The Victims Of Cyberbullying

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Even though bullying has not been considered an epidemic it has plagued our society for years, and instead of it improving it has progressively gotten worse with advancement in technology. Bullying was something that children experienced in school or playgrounds but this has changed, now with modern technology bullies can follow their victims to their homes by sending emails, SMS or posting on their social network pages. Traditionally, victims of bullying would look forward to their homes as a safe haven where they would be free from being bullied. However, modern bullies continue to torment their victims even when they are at home. This situation has led to a rapid rise in the number of children taking drastic measures when it comes to bullying (Brett J. Litwiller, 2013). This paper explores findings of various journal articles in an attempt to ascertain …show more content…
In the cases of face-to-face bullying, victims may experience despair, anxiety, depression, failure or might avoid going to public places to avoid the emotional torment from bullying (Ann Frisen, 2010). Victims of cyber bulling go through the same emotional harm because most of the harmful information is made public and remains open for all to see (Brett J. Litwiller, 2013). Because the aggressors are anonymous to the victims, the victims are forced to go through continuous victimization and the victims might find it difficult to escape the torment. Besides, since most means of bullying are not easy to remove, the information may remain in the public domain for long, leaving the victim with nothing but to hide from the public eye. Because of the emotional trauma resulting from bullying, the victims, especially the teens, might find it extremely difficult to seek for help or inform their parents. In most cases, the victims might feel that the bullying is their fault and might try to conceal it from their family or close friends (Brett J. Litwiller,

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