Positive Aspects Of Ethics In Sports

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Kanila Gunasekara Lecturer – Prof. Daya Edirisinghe Semester – Summer 2015 Assignment 2


What is sports? 3
 Benefits of sports 3
 Rules and regulations 4
 Fair play
 Level playing field

What is Ethics? 5 Sports and Ethics 5
 Olympics 5
 Violation of ethical principles in sports 6
 Drugs
 Advertising
 Harassments
 Bribery

 Positive aspects of ethics in sports 7 Reference 9

What is Sports? Sports are mainly physical activities which use, maintain, or improve physical ability and skills. They also provide entertainment to participants as well as spectators. Commonly there are two sides in game in which
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Therefore they are governed by set of rules or customs so that it becomes a fair game for all participants. Some sports are seen in their originated country only. In each records of performance are kept. Also in case popular sports, they are widely announced frequently.

Benefits of sports The chief objective of sports is the bodily exercise. Either it could be a physical exercise or an exercise for the brain. The health of our body is essential for our life to live. Therefore engaging in sport would be one of the easiest decisions you can take to keep your body healthily.
Sports help us to live entertained. Not only the participants they also entertain spectators. In this competitive stressful world, sports will keep us entertained which means they’ll make our minds run freely.
Sports are usually very popular among people. Rather than making us healthy and entertaining, it could help to develop a country’s economy too.
A sport commonly consists of two sides. Usually one of the sides will win. Therefore the opposite side should accept their defeat. This attitude doesn’t happen to be there in every human being, but a sport will teach us this
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Games featured mainly athletics but also some combat sports. The winners of the events were admired and immortalized in poems and statues.
Violation of ethical principles in sports This is a very common point discussed in the modern society. People have ultimately forgotten the importance of sports. Winning is the only focused point on each professional sportsman. No matter what, they will do anything to win. Let us talk about some unethical things happening in sports.

Drugs This is common in most of the sports. Sportspersons use performance enhancing drugs. This will help them to have a higher level of energy. In sports like athletics each and every participant is tested on drugs after they complete their event. If they get caught, their achievement will be banned. Do you think participants are unaware of this? Not at all. They know that they are being checked. But the only thing matters for them is

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