Cheerleading A Sport

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From its humble beginning, cheerleading has developed into a very active hobby for young people. Recently cheerleading has brought controversy toward whether or not it should be considered a sport. Being one of the fastest growing girls’ sport, a lot of people do not see it as being a sport. Many people do not believe cheerleading is a sport because they do not think it involves athletic skills like other sports and a big reason because is not a part of a game. What they do not realize is that modern cheerleaders must show all the characteristics that are defined as a sport in order to be good. It involves the strength of a football player, dexterity of a gymnast, speed of a track star, the grace of a dancer, and the determination of all athletes. …show more content…
A sport is a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively (Ninemire). Activities that many people recognize as a sport include: football, basketball, volleyball, and track, even gymnastics and figure-skating. These activities are defined as a sport because they have high athletic abilities and are competing against an opponent. Also many “sports” that are considered sports are determined by scored points for a team. Yet, gymnastics and figure-skating are sports in which athletes perform to gain points based on a judge. Therefore all sports are different, but all include athletes. Why should cheerleading not be considered a sport when it requires a complex set of technical skills, physical fitness, and real guts (Doyne)? As people participate in cheering, this question is asked more and more …show more content…
According to the author Craig Peters, “The question of whether cheerleading is a sport or not, though, affects more than a cheerleaders pride, it could also affect the squads legal status” (Peters). Cheerleading being considered a sport would not only give cheerleaders the recognition they deserve, but would also give them access to better funding. Cheerleaders work hard, yet they do not get the respect they deserve. Many within the cheerleading community simply want the recognition that comes along being deemed a sport (Kastner). Also, cheerleading does not have access to funding like basketball and football. Cheerleaders have to come out of their own pockets for uniforms, competitions, etc. With the legal status that comes with being considered a sport, cheerleading would get much better funding. According to one study, “Fourteen states reognize cheerleading as a sport, and many are considering doing so” (Valliant 14). If we get more people and places to give cheerleaders the recognition they deserve, then cheerleading as a whole would be better.
Many people downplay all the things cheerleaders do and say that it isn’t nothing more than an activity where girls cheer for a team; these cheerleaders should get the respect they truly deserve. Cheerleading should be considered a sport because it involves the strength of a football player, dexterity of a gymnast, speed of a track star, grace of a dancer, and determination

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