Positive And Negative Effects Of Punta Cana

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Traveling Effects
Going to a new place can be scary and exciting, while visiting relatives can be familiar and welcoming. Traveling has many effects on the world and its habitants. The beautiful thing is the sky is the limit; traveling gives personal insight into the world beyond the bedroom window; it gives us a license to become a citizen of the world.
First and foremost, traveling is an economic gold mine. In the year 2015 a total of 650.8 billion dollars was spent by domestic and international travelers on leisure ("U.S. Travel Answer Sheet"). For example, the money spent on those amazing adventures that are available; Scuba diving, parasailing, bus tours, just to name a few. However, car rentals, hotels, and flights have one of the biggest
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Depending where you go it can help with wildlife preservation and rainforests ("Positive & Negative Effects of Tourism"). In the Dominican Republic city Punta Cana, where the resort Grupo Punta Cana is stationed, is an extraordinary example how luxury and nature needs can be met. They keep acres of land untouched and have policies to help protect barrier reefs. They have even reforest parts of the reserve that had previously been stripped. They use their nature to their advantage and provide their guest with a “nature path” available to explore; beaming with exotic birds, plant life, and lagoons of fresh water among other things ("United Nations Environment Programme"). Several resorts and countries around the world have followed their example and used their environment as a selling point while taking care of it. Nevertheless, some may see the restricting laws such as “no fishing” as a negative factor. On the other hand, the amount of different fish species this specific law protects and the fact that tourist want to see such rare vertebrates have the positive effect for both nature and travelers. It can also promote and preserve marine life for parks and other areas. The entrance fees and so forth theme parks charge may even go towards foundations that support the cause. The economy once again benefiting from all the travel revenue. Moreover, it can create awareness reaching people around the world who may travel to those endangered areas (“United Nations Environment Programme”). Traveling has made it possible to restore and sustain the planets natural resources by using them as bait and recognizing their value. Being part of that change and aiding the environment in a positive direction is a perfect way to become an all around citizen of the

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