Impact Of Tourism In Goa

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The tourism industry has largely contributed to the rise of India's GDP. The tourism industry has an impact on the tourist destination; the impact can be classified as positive and negative impact. Job opportunity and increased economic activity are the positive impacts while negative impacts include environment degradation, cultural and identity deterioration, antisocial activities, increased quantity of waste generated, etc.

1.2 Tourism industry in Goa
Tourism is one of the major activities in Goa. The tourism industry has the largest share in Goa's state gross domestic product and economic growth. Influencing palms, white sands, and shimmering waters these are the three key mechanisms that attract
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Primitive waste management techniques have been practiced by human beings for thousands of years. Early humans used to dig holes and bury the waste. The family size was relatively smaller hence the waste generated was less and mostly comprised of degradable waste. It was an effective waste management technique of earlier times. Burying the waste helps to prevent bugs from spreading diseases. These days, merely burying waste is not possible. As unlike primitive humans who produced very little waste, modern humans produce large amounts of non-biodegradable waste. And burying non-biodegradable waste damages to the quality of soil and emits methane and also pollutes the ground water and has adverse impact on environment. In course of time, various laws were enacted. But waste management is seen as natural response to existence. With environment issues raised, it is necessary to remind humans the significance of waste. Resource depletion is caused by waste. It is due to the pattern of buying, throwing, and then buying again. As the waste clutters, the demand for products rises, exhausting the limited natural resources. Waste is a threat to biodiversity, deforestation, pollution, and creates environmental problems. To address the problem of waste, waste management was a necessary step for sustainable …show more content…
And hotel industry is a support system of the tourism industry. With a rapid growing and large hotel industry, the need for waste management is extremely important. Hence, I have shortlisted some of the objectives which are as follow:
• To study the policies imposed on the hotel industry by the department of tourism and Goa state pollution control board.
• To study the factors determining the cost of waste management in star category hotels and shacks in South Goa.

1.9 Scope of the study:
The study focuses on waste management in the hospitality industry. The study states the policies and rules and regulation enacted by the Goa state pollution control board (GSPCB) and department of tourism in regards to waste management. An attempt is made to understand the waste management techniques used by the hotel industry and determine the factors driving the cost of waste management in star hotels. The study is conducted in 24 star category hotels in South Goa and 9 shacks from the Betalbatim beach

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