Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mass Tourism

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Tourism is really important for each country, this industry bring huge sum of money to the national economy. And usually local people support tourism because it provides very big income for them, but after some time line is crossed and locals start notice a lot of negative points. In this part we will talk about different types of consequences of mass tourism.
As everything in our life, mass tourism has positive and negative points. First of all, as we already noticed, mass tourism provides huge income for local areas: tourists eating in cafes and restaurants, visit museums and exhibitions, buying food, souvenirs, spend time in bars and clubs and etc. As taxes will increase, government will have more money to invest in cities needs like hospitals
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Sometimes touristic attitude is harmful, people can inflict harm occasionally or specially, for example one of the most popular is to write on the heritage “I was here” or take stone from the wall like a souvenir.
If in the advantages we noticed fact of cultural exchange, but now we have to write about bad side of this – is Cultural pollution. Mass tourism has a huge influence to the people from poor countries. World travel forum is writing about cultural pollution “a tendency for these cultural units to be polluted by drugs, prostitution and the lure of easy money. Men stop fishing and do boat tours, women stop working the fields and become waitresses and sex workers. Children stop attending to their classes and take up begging and entertaining tourists.” Also mass tourism can disturb religion and daily life habits of local people.
As known tourism is ready to pay more sum of money while he\she is on vacations, it means that local owners of shops, restaurants and services will increase their prices which will also influence to the local habitats.
Mass tourism can become a reason for increasing crime and social problems. Tourists is an easy target for criminal, because usually they have a lot of money or expensive photo cameras, they are more relax and busy by discovering

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