Positive And Negative Effects Of Advertising Essay

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Nowadays we see advertisements in every aspect of our lives. Wherever we go, whichever place were at the toe, some form of advertisement will always be exhibited. Some people would use advertisements for a noble purpose, such as encouraging people to donate money to a legit charity. However, others would use advertisements for their own self-gain, such as promoting specific products increase more profits. Advertising most definitely has positive and negative effects, by informing the public or manipulating consumers, but most importantly it allows any institution or individual the freedom that is important to an open society. Overall advertising has more positive effects than theirs negative, especially consumers which exceed the positive ones.

There is no doubt that advertisement is used to encourage people to do something in order to help others has positive effects on people and the society as one. This advertisement links people to their society by advising them about how they can help others. It is properly used to promote the overall health of the society, however, by also encouraging the people to communicate with
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Once condemned as unethical, the same tools can be used for highly laudable purposes. There a good ads then there are bad ads, it all just matter with what is within the content of the ads. Advertisement at its very core is simply speech, a method used to convey information, much like a voice (Wakabayashi). Are the vocal cords responsible for hateful or deceitful speech that resonates through them? The most important, yet least often discussed effect of advertising is its role in protecting free and open discussion in our society. All individuals and Institutions have the same venues through which they can express themselves open as a result of advertising. It 's power is clear, yet that power just as any power, can be used for positive or negative effect on

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