Positive And Negative Effect On My Life Essay

1160 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
As a child, I learned prematurely that in order to have a happy life one, I must first train their, my mind to see the good in every situation. I was taught that being positive is ultimately a choice and the quality of your, my thoughts have the ability to alter the amount of happiness within your, my life. Once one begins training their mind to see the good in everything that transpires, better opportunities will present themselves. Seeing the positive in a situation shifts the circumstance around, in contrary, seeing only the negative leads to a negative outcome. Retraining the mind to see the positive in every situation begins with taking cognizance of the fact that the incident can be more malign than it is. There is scientific data that supports the idea of training the mind to see the good in every situation. According to Susan Reynolds, a science writer, and Teresa Aubele, a neuroscientific researcher, “Negative mood variance disturbs your interaction with your environment, affecting your ability to perceive, remember, and reinforce existing or create neural connections, while being happy improves your ability to be more cognitively alert and productive.” When someone is happy, the growth of nerve connections is stimulated, thus cognition improves. A positive mindset encourages an improvement in the aptitude in which one has to analyze situations that require a great deal of thought. Focusing on negative thoughts causes one’s brain to experience a reduction in its…

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