Positive And Negative Attitudes Of Positive Thinking Essay

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The question I am pursuing is one that many people can apply to their daily lives. Can positive thinking lead to a happier life? In search for empirical evidence, a study was found that investigated positive thinking and its relationship to enhancing mood. Aspects of positive thinking and how it allows us to grow as individuals are rooted in Rogers’ person-centered theory. Real life examples, including successful rapper DJ Khaled, show how impactful positive thinking can be in someone’s life. This was of thinking is one that I have attempted to bring into my own personal life as a means of improving my happiness levels and overall life satisfaction. Knowing the evidence that is out there, positive thinking is a method that should be used by many people as a way to improve their lives. The study I found sought to explore whether positive automatic thoughts (PATs) can function as stress buffers and mood enhancers (Lightsey, 1994). It tested whether PATs and the PATs x Negative Events interaction can predict a variance in future happiness and depression. Eighty-five male and eighty-three female undergrad volunteers from introductory psychology courses with a mean age of 19.65 participated in the study (Lightsey, 1994). 106 of the participants were White, 19 were Black, 14 were Asian, 3 were Asian-Indian, and 10 were Hispanic (Lightsey, 1994). Participants were given several different surveys and inventories including The Life Experiences Survey, the Beck Depression Inventory,…

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