Pos (Sample Project Overview Statement) Essay

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Sample Project Overview Statement
Project Overview Statement:

Endnote is a powerful bibliographic software program; a large percentage of faculty, staff, and students use Endnote software to write scholarly papers, manuscripts, grant proposals, and abstracts. The program is also used as an on-line research repository of published work. Currently, there are one thousand licenses consisting of four different incompatible versions of Endnote in use within the organization.

• Designate a software specialist to upgrade all current Endnote licenses to version nine by July 1, 2003 using Active Directory’s software organization unit to manage distribution.

• Ensure software compatibility within
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Communicative -
• Open communication from faculty regarding changes in research collaboration teams - critical.
• Clear ownership of shared library must be defined prior to posting on intranet.
Technical -
• Risk incompatibility with previous versions until all system installations are complete.
• Computers near the 4-year life cycle may require immediate hardware upgrade to support the software upgrade.

Time Frame

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