Nutrition Reflection

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My Nutrition Analysis
Nutrition what is it exactly? Why is it so important for the human body? I asked myself before taking this class and I have established why they say it 's an important factor for our body. You want to love the most healthiest lifestyle as you can. I know I didn 't take my nutrition seriously as others would and I now know how my body is affected by my decision. I am still learning on how to pick the healthiest option or adding certain foods to your diet and the the amount of daily intakes from the five food groups. The five food groups include; grains, fruit, vegetables, milk and lean meats. When I started I ate once a day and that was at dinner time, I also didn 't drink that much water. This is called malnutrition,
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This class has opened my eyes up more than anyone would know, my body is malnourished and I am the only one that can fix it. There is going to be challenges and times I forget like I normally do but I’m going to try my hardest to get my body out of malnutrition stage. I went to the doctors the other day and when explaining my symptoms my doctor looks at me and says, “what’s your diet look like” I told her what I usually it and she told me I should see a dietitian. As this is why I am having so many problems with my stomach and my weight. Before leaving she explained I should stop by the store and grab some metamucil and some pro antibiotics because I am not consuming as much fiber as I should. I did what she said and I tell you I have not felt like I have in a long time. Again I didn’t see that I was the issue until she pointed it out and told me, well you 're having these issues because you do not consuming the amount of fiber your suppose to. She even explained to me it could turn into something more serious if I do not fix it and that’s why she referred me to see dietitian. Nobody wants to hear the truth cause honestly it does sting a little but I looked at it as an eye opener. This is the second time this month I realized changing my eating habits could benefit me more than anything! Time to get my mind and body healthy as a horse not only for me but also for my children, not only eating correctly but also being physical

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