Pornography : Not So Harmless Essays

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Pornography: Not So Harmless

The word pornography brings to mind graphic images and videos of sex and nudity. Pornography isn’t a modern idea, in fact, media meant to arouse sexual desires has existed throughout centuries of human history. Explicit murals were found among the ruins of Pompeii. The ancient Romans were delighted by erotic poetry, while the ancient Greeks adorned their pottery with sexual images. In 19th-century France, men would curtain obscene works of art and only uncover them when the women were out of the room. With the invention of photography and video recording, pornography entered a new phase. Pornographic magazines and videos could be found in gas stations and video stores. Pornography was no longer just about sex but had become a profitable industry. Perhaps the biggest advance in the pornography industry came with the creation of the Internet. Through the Internet, pornography is now more accessible than ever and the demand is high. According to a 2006 report, the pornography industry revenues upwards of $97 billion worldwide (“TopTenREVIEWS Reports”). Opinions differ when it comes to pornography. The most common approach to pornography is that it is a harmless pastime, neither good nor bad. There are those who view pornography as a healthy exploration of human sexuality. Often, the argument against pornography is based on morals. Religious groups argue it is a sin, parents argue is corrupting children and many argue it objectifies…

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