Pornification of Social Media Essay

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Topic 2 – Mass Media

There appears to be an increase in tolerance and acceptance in regards to censorship within various forms of media in modern society. Throughout the rapid globalization of the previous century, society has become increasingly lenient of what filters through popular culture and into the minds of young generations and future leaders. Simultaneously, the standards of what is considered to be inappropriate for the general public have also changed throughout this period; in previous generations we have seen protests against certain content in music, films and various other forms of media for being considered unsuitable for the general public, however over time the voice of protests have been overshadowed by the
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The recent spike in the development of porn has shifted magazines such as Playboy and Hustler out of the mainstream and have been replaced by the multi billion-dollar industry of hard-core Internet porn, providing numerous varieties and fetishes of sexual content, often free and easily accessible. In the 1970’s, a playboy magazine was some of the best quality and most popular form of pornography available, however this type of porn would hardly be stimulating compared to the quality and variety flooding the Internet today. Throughout this development, the average age of a child’s first exposure of pornography is becoming lower, being an estimated 11 years old (Bryant & Brown 1989, p. 25-55), not only is this age becoming younger (Australian Institute of Criminology 2009, p. 2) with technological advancements, but it is becoming a norm for pornography to play a significant role in the sexual development of adolescent males. It is reported that 68% of young males view porn at least once a week and 85% once or twice a month, it is also worth noting that 88% of pornographic content on the internet uses sexual aggression as a

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