Drunk In Love Video Analysis

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One aspect of the media where gender and sexuality is used largely in a negative way is in music videos. In order to attract attention, video producers will create extremely risque content. Beyonce, who is know as the queen of pop, displays sexual content, and gender stereotypes in the music video for her song ‘Drunk in Love’. It takes place on a beach at night where she walks through the sand wearing a very skimpy bikini with a see-through dress over it. She poses for the camera as it scans up and down her body, and in these scenes her face is either shadowed or covered by her hair. In the scenes showing her face she is making a dazed and seductive expression. Other parts of the video show her touching herself, crawling on her hands and knees, lying in the water, or sexually dancing shaking her breasts and buttox for the camera. Jay Z is featured in the video and he displays gender roles as well. He is wearing chains around his neck and holds a wine glass as he sings. He seems to ignore Beyonce as she leans on him and dances around him. He then places his arm around her neck and pulls her towards him. This video sends many negative messages about men and women and their relationship with one another.
The content presented in this video is delivering degrading messages to the women all over who have watched it. It portrays women as extremely
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The content observed from the forty music videos may not be the same as the content in ‘Drunk in Love’, but similar messages are still being sent. For example, One of the results was, “Men appeared in videos twice as often as women” (Sommers-Flanagan, Somers-Flanagan, & Davis, 1993). Here, the result does not stand true for Beyonce’s ‘Drunk in Love’ as she appeared more often than the male figure Jay Z. However, the message that men stand higher that women can be identified in both of these

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