Sexulaiztion Of Young Girls

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Media and the Sexulaiztion of Young Girls

The media plays a large role in modern day society. When referring to media this paper is referring to magazines, television, books, and most importantly the internet. With all the technological advances people have made it’s nearly impossible to escape from the images, perspectives, and the concepts that the media portrays. According to Davis and Dick (2014), the media deems what is appropriate and acceptable in teenage television. For example, a show may have an episode about a girl having to wear make up to get noticed by a boy that she likes. Therefore the viewer may feel as though they need to wear make up to get attention. Furthermore, many television shows depict women as sexual object. Music
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In today’s society, there many TV shows, magazines, trending styles, social media etc. that young girls think are popular and wishing to do the same. Some young girls may also have older sister’s that are into today’s trend, which can definitely influence others. Child development is the progression of development in which they grow and mature from infancy through adulthood. The diverse aspects of growing and developing that are measured include physical growth, cognitive growth and social growth. Young girls spend a great deal of time at home compared to older children; therefore, social learning at home, both from mother’s and from television, was expected to be particularly important for early sexualization. Sexualization can be defined as APA’S 2007 definition as the act of being sexualized or sexualizing oneself (self sexualization), which includes reducing physical attractiveness to sexiness, valuing someone based solely on sex appeal, or treating someone as a sexual object rather than as a person. Child development concentrates how a person has changed as they matured from birth to about age seventeen. Multiple psychological theories can be applied to this research paper, but this paper will show only two different …show more content…
Instead of stages, Bronfenbrenner had systems to show how connected and influenced the child is to their environment. He believed that children are not only affected by their immediate surroundings, but are affected by culture and the government too. The first system is the microsystem, this is the most immediate connection to the child. This system includes the parents, teachers, and friends of the child. The next system is the Mesosystem. The mesosystem is the relationship of the microsystem and how they work together for the child’s wellbeing. The next system is the Exosystem, which are environmental factors that has influence on the child’s development, but does not directly involves them. An example would be a parent has had a bad day at work, so they may come home angry and it has a negative effect on the child. The Macrosystem is the final level of the Ecological System of Bronfenbrenner, it deals with the largest people and things that have an influence over a child 's life. Examples of the Macrosystem include the national Government, the economy, wars, and cultural values. Bronfenbrenner theory relates to the thesis because it shows how everything in a child’s life directly or indirectly can affect it. People microsystem can influence the child a great deal because they are the most close to the child. For example, girls may feel like in order to be popular they have to

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