Population Of Elderly Rising Today 's Society Essay

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1. There is an increasing amount of elderly rising in today’s society. According to the U.S census bureau, and the 2010 census taken, the elderly percentage in America is steadily on the rise, due to the baby boomers (Ortman, Velkoff, & Hogan, 2014). In 2010, the elderly population made up approximately 13% of the entire U.S population, in one decade, the number of adults 65 and older, increased by six million people (Werner, 2011). According to this census, a group of analysts were able to estimate the total population for the elderly population until 2050. In 2015, the elderly population was estimated to be roughly 43.1 million people, that is a huge increase in just 5 years. According to this same census, the population of elderly adults in 2050 is expected to double. This means that approximately 80 million people, which is roughly 20% of the entire U.S population, will be 65 years or older (Ortman, Velkoff, & Hogan, 2014).
2. From inferring this information, one can determine and understand why increased research into the cognitive decline of elderly adults is necessary. As the elderly adult population continues to rise, their health problems and cognitive decline also continue to rise. It is extremely crucial to understand why this decline occurs, when the decline begins, and practical steps that can be taken to assist older adults in preventing this decline. It would be extremely beneficial, not only for the reader, but for myself. Within the next 40+ years, members…

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