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God was the commander of the crusade
The medieval Christian tradition had a long path, and a complicated relationship with committing violence’s and warfare. The earlies writings concerning Christians and violence’s is from Augustus of Hippo from the fourth century C.E. that easys the notion of a just war on to humanity. I argue that the first crusade of Pope Urban II was not act out of character of Christianity and it was the currents events that are the cause for the first crusade, and the reason why the people of Christendom went on the crusade was for god not so much money.
The motive for Pope Urban the Second for his call upon the faithful Christians was to remove the tyrannical world domination state of Islam that threating the exist
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This sinfulness of the people of Christendom was not the occasional pleasure/ vice (s) it was the everyday activities everyone had to engage in for survival (Bull, 190). And the monks of the time were supposed to point out the individuals’ sins (Bull, 190). And from the existing charters of departing crusaders showed them to be of disparate regional communities and understand their journey to the middle east in similar terms (Bull, 184). “[The] … expedition to a hard core of essentials: papal authorization, the penitential quality of the crusade, the fact that it was a form of pilgrimage, the prospect of reaching Jerusalem, service of the Lord, and the salvatory potential of the enterprise” (Bull, 184). The crusade had the spirit of serving the Lord and serving the geopolitical interest of the Urban II’s to the expanding Islamic problem. And William of Tyre can a test to the Muslim’s effort at expanding their territorial control, it was the Muslims’ iustum bellum gerere (Cowdrey, …show more content…
This was the key to make the first crusade into a reality. With the conclusion of the Council of Clermont came with a rehearse show of power of who will serve the leader of the Roman Church forces (John Ott, 10/13/2016). The crusade was to help the Latin Christendom bothers in the east, the king Alexios I Komnenos. The king of Continoplas, Alexios Komnenos, had requested aide in defending his realm from further Muslim advancements. But with the great spirit of some nobles lay defected Urban II’s goal of aiding of the eastern Christians. This is likely to enhance the eastern and western Christendom

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