Pop Warner Biography

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“You play the way you practice” (Warner). This quote is from football legend, Glenn “Pop” Warner, creator of plays like the forward pass. Football was derived from rugby. As this sport evolved over the years, so did their fans and players. Coach Pop Warner created one of the best offensive line-ups, the single-wing, and changed the game of football because it made it harder for the defense to find out where the ball was. Glenn Scobey Warner started showing a lot enthusiasm in sports at a very early age. Before Glenn Scobey Warner came to the football history, he was originally a lawyer(Jennings). Warner invented an offensive lineup called the single-wing This made it easier to score touchdowns. As you can see, without Pop Warner football wouldn't be the way it is today. The offensive lineup the single-wing was made in 1907. The single-wing was the modern day inspiration of the shotgun line-up and the spread lineup (football Babbel). Since Pop Warner had the world's best athlete at the time Jim Thorpe he made the single wing.(Football Babbel).Pop Warner's team operated between the single-wing and the double-wing formation. (Pittsburgh university). The single-wing and double-wing both sprang from Warners imagination. When Glenn was coaching at Pittsburgh he won three national titles(Pittsburgh University). When Pop was coaching at …show more content…
He discovered Jim Thorpe (Mental Floss),Thorpe turned out to be the best athlete at his time(Smithsonian). Jim Thorpe went on to participate in the olympics. The shotgun pass is one of the most one of the most common line ups in football(football Babbel). Warner wasn't afraid to bend a rule(Mental floss). For example in the rule book, it said player are allowed to wear elbow pads. Warner then made the elbow pads look like footballs to confuse the other

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