Politics In Ancient Roman

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The answer is “yes” with no doubt about it, the Roman Army and war were the central shaper of Roman history alongside the government, culture and the economy because in history these things go together hand and hand or they are a factor of one another. However the government, culture and the economy together were more important in shaping the history of Rome than the army and war alone. The people of Roman overthrew the Etruscan kings to form their own form of government which they called a Republic. They understood changing the structure of the government was key to transform their civilization and to give the majority of their people a voice. Republic means a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives and which has an elected or nominated person rather than a monarch. This structure helped the Romans to have flexibility in their system. This structure changed the ruling of Rome toward their citizens and noncitizens or people who had been captured when Rome expanded(lecture note williamson-rise of Rome). when we look at the government structure of Roma. They had two Consuls; the reason behind having two Consuls was to divide the power and to avoid the king …show more content…
Patricians were the rich families who had the wealth with a lot of power. Ninety percent of the Roman population was Plebeians; therefore they used their number to demand to participate in the government which they couldn’t do before the Republic was established. After long years of fight, Plebeians were represented in republic by Tribunes, who had the power of veto the laws (lecture note Williamson-rise of Rome). This allowed them to have a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body. All these policies become possible for the majority of Romans because they changed how the government function and limited the power of the

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