Political Science Essay

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The country has been experiencing major budget deficits. The education sector is a major casualty. Education is an important fiber of the modern society. Universities will have to find a way of either increasing their sources of funding or cut back on their expenditure. Many stakeholders in education will be affected by the cut back. Many students who would like to further their education will be discouraged by the high tuition fees, which are prohibitively high. Most parents set up their children’s education fund when the beneficiaries are still young. It is a strategy that enables them accumulate enough money to afford their children’s college education. The rise of tuition puts a
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MRCC is thus forced to come up with innovative means of addressing the deficit while still upholding the highest level of education standards. The college will have to increase the tuition fees since it is their major source of income. It might not be the best situation however considering that college is bound to admit a larger number of students. (Anderson, 1988).
As a superintendent, one has to appreciate all the stakeholders involved in order to effectively tackle the issue (Apple, 1990). The key stakeholders include: * Mt. Rossmoor Community College (MRCC) – as an education provider the college is a major stakeholder as it determines the raft of measures that have to be taken in order to provide a balance between proper education facilities and the tuition fee paid by the students. It struggles with maintaining a fair tuition fee that students can access easily and providing high education standards (Chimombo, 1986). * The MRCC staff, both teaching and non-teaching has a voice in terms of any employment related issues the college will consider. The college may decide whether to increase their number or force them to leave their jobs. One thing is clear that if the college increases the number of students, the staff will have to take on extra work or the number is increased (Ashby, 1985). * Students- they involve both current and potential students who will seek enrollment into MRCC depending on the tuition charged.

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