Essay Political Ideologies And The Social Policies

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The aim of this essay is to compare competing political ideologies and the social policies around housing that they have influenced, looking back to the time when Margaret Thatcher was in power, through the era of Blair’s new Labour, right up until David Cameron’s current coalition government. It will also explore the ever-changing developments to the welfare state and discuss why certain policies were bought in, although they did not seem to fit with the ideologies of the party in power at that time.
In 1979, Margaret Thatcher and the conservative party won the general election. From the outset she made it clear that public services would be lessened and benefits would be cut. Whilst poverty amongst the elderly and children more than doubled, there were tax cuts for the highest earners, causing an even larger divide between rich and poor (Dean, 2011).
Thatcherism took the conservatives further to the right, and was seen as fundamental and rational politics, wanting to restore Britain to its former glory and quash post-war socialism. It offered both increased individualism and enterprise by reducing the functions of government, but at the same time promoted the strengthening of law and order (Geoghegen & Wilford, 2014).
The New Right viewed welfare as an undesirable option, stating that it did not lend itself well to a stable market economy, and that citizen’s needs should be met in other ways. Examples of alternatives to state welfare can be seen in some Thatcherite…

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