Essay on Political Factors Of The War II And The Civil War

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In many ways, my grandfather had fewer occupational and educational opportunities than his predecessors. This was partially because of his family’s economic situation. His family’s social and economic positions might be explained by conflict theory or the Labour theories of Karl Marx. Marx viewed labour as a commodity that was always sold at a rate below its value. (Smith P. , 2013). In my grandfather’s case, there were not buyers to pay him a higher rate. My grandfather’s family was not well-off. They were part of the working class, rather than the bourgeoisie. And there was little social mobility where he resided and he had few opportunities to improve his situation. He was not likely to become a factory owner or merchant. (Rice University, 2012). Political factors also affected his labour opportunities.

Both World War II and the civil war greatly affected his decisions and were responsible for his relocation to Austria and his eventual migration to Australia. This move, however, opened up occupation and educational opportunities for my father and me. It is very possible that, if my grandfather had been able to stay in Bosnia that he would have continued to work on his family’s land. It is possible that my father and I would have followed in his footsteps. It is also possible that because of the effects of the war, we would not have been able to find employment at all. Unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina (then called the Socialist Federalist Republic of Yugoslavia)…

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