Political Corruption And Polarization Within The United States Of America

1377 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
In the 239 years that the United States of America has been an independent, established nation, numerous developments and conflicts have resulted in confusion and conflict over how the founders of the country intended for it to be governed. Although the nation, as well as the world around it, has changed, many outdated policies and ideas about the way the country should be run still remain. These outdated and unclear policies and practices have led to political corruption and confusion. There is also an increasing sense of political polarization, and Americans are encouraged more now than ever to take extreme stands with regards to their political beliefs and practices. The combined contemporary issues of political corruption and polarization lead to confusion and inefficiency, have negative outcomes for all parties involved, and significantly alter the effectiveness of the Founders’ vision of politics. One problematic, significant source of political corruption in America is kludgeocracy. A kludge is defined as, “an ill-assorted collection of parts assembled to fulfill a particular purpose...a clumsy but temporarily effective solution to a particular fault or problem” (Teles, 1). Thus, a kludgeocracy is a system in which problems are remedied with a series of short-term solutions, which more often than not serve the interests of those creating and approving them in the moment, rather than with long-term solutions that benefit the masses, or solutions that eradicate…

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