Police Wear Body Cameras

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Should Police Wear Body Cameras? Every country in the world that has a Government, there is a police department in it. The police department plays a significant role in the implementation of the constitution. Police officers protect the lives and the properties of the citizens. The police department is responsible for enforcing laws, rulings, and regulations meant to protect the citizens, maintain order and deal with lawbreakers. Police related professionals include guards, fire marshals, correctional officers, and inspectors. There are many responsibilities for the police officers depending on the structure and the scope of the community they serve. If there are no police that means, there is no peace. Since police are the backbone of our society, we should fully equip our law enforcements. Body-worn cameras are part of the equipment that police officers need to give efficient service to their citizens. The body cameras are a small device that is worn on the chest by the law enforcers to record …show more content…
They argued that the privacy of the citizens is in danger. The number of the warrantless capture of video images and photos that are recorded are not assured whether their privacy is maintained or not. According to Michael D. White is a professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Some states require two parties consent before legal private videos or pictures are recorded. Moreover, audio is not lawful without the consent of all parties concerned ("police officer body-worn cameras"). Body-worn cameras record real time events of citizens who are sufferers of crime, in emergency situations, involved accidents, and those who are detained. The emotional suffering could be deteriorated when they learn that those experiences have been visually recorded. These may lead to lawsuits against the law enforcement. Unfortunately, there are allot of unanswered questions about the public

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