Causes Of Police Violence

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I hope you don 't have to read this letter because if you do then that means police violence is still an issue in our country and solutions to uphold police accountability have not been enforced. Unfortunately you are hispanic! Yes son you should take pride in your culture and never feel ashamed, but because you might be a shade darker then most you have now acquired a target on your back in the eyes of some police officers. No not all but enough to make it a huge problem our country faces. After the death of Michael Brown a young black male, followed by similar incidents that lead to the unfortunate deaths of people like Eric Garner, Jhon Crawford and many other minority males. People realized the unjust behaviors police officers were taking …show more content…
In a job where your supposed to treat everyone equal and fair how can people with racist mindset be in power? What also arose from the investigation was that police departments did a poor job of keeping accountability. In order to fix these problems and truly have a just criminal justice system the whole approach needs to change. The use for guns and weapons should be changed, if there is a disturbance for drug use, disturbing the peace, and minor offenses then there should be no need for bringing a weapon. Unless the other person has a weapon and the situation calls for the use of a gun then the officer should be allowed to use it. Officers now are using more body cams to keep track of what happens witch is a good thing and should be continued to be enforced to keep track of police encounters. Independent non profit organizations should also be involved with investigating police departments as well as having access to police information in case lawsuits are made against the department and there is no chance of cases being sabotaged. Court systems also need to have a better system in place on what can be used for revenue and keeping track in order for police officers not to be focused on meeting quotas and focusing on the public safety of the people. Until then son if you do happen to have an encounter with the police remember these ten

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