Police Violence And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Police violence is the controversial issue in America. It is the increase use of excessive force, the beating, the killing of people. They are to protect everyone, and not to kill. The reasons for police being violent is obviously a kind of stress factor at work. They operate in a more complicated arena than some other profession. The effect maybe psychological or physical to the victims. Community feel the impact of police violence in some cases. There is no doubt that police brutality often leads to racial profiling. This can be stopped by involving community in decision and active use of body cameras.

Police Violence
What is Police violence?
Police violence is the increase use of excessive force, the beating, the killing of innocent people. It is the civil right violation that occurs when a police officer deliberately uses of extremely physical force generally during law enforcement activities. The excessive force is generally beyond the force a wise and judicious law enforcement officer would use under the circumstances. “Police violation is a direct violation of the laws within the police force”
Force should definitely be the least and minimal amount should be used to achieve a legitimate purpose. The only time excessive or harmful force should be used would be in situation of:
 self-defenses,
 prevention of unlawful killing of another person,
 prevention of commission of crime,
 overcoming of a fierce resistance to arrest,
 prevention and…

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