Police Corruption : The Ins And Outs Essay

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Police Corruption: The Ins and Outs and How It’s Being Dealt With Every day people are able to see their local police officers patrolling the streets preventing crime, helping people, protecting and serving, etc., but little do they know, some officers do more than what is shown on the surface; the prominent thing that is not shown is called corruption. In America, this is a very common issue when it comes to the police force. Some of the earliest police corruption can be traced back to the late 1800s. For over 120 years, police have been using their badges, uniforms, and power to get what they want. All officers start off the same way: as rookies of the police force. Over time, they can work their way up the rankings and eventually venture off into the path of being a good cop or a corrupt one. Even though this problem is hard to deal with, it’s slowly being solved. Generally, police corruption is a type of misconduct performed by one or more officers breaking an oath in order to get ahead either for personal or departmental gain. Some examples of typical police corruption are committing crimes on/off duty, stealing drugs from a crime scene and benefitting from it, or turning a blind eye to a crime being committed by another officer. All of these are can be done by a single person or multiple people within the police force.
An in-class lecture discussed that there are three different levels of police corruption (Hinkle, 2016). This can range from one officer to the entire…

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