Police Corruption And Its Effect On Society Essay

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Police corruption and misconduct it Is as old as the police has been around. It can be small as forget to ticket the enough or friend or intimidating others. Overseas you be as bad as intimidating running a City or country, even straight up thuggery.
Haiti has been known as having one of the most corrupt police forces in the world. The police have created a negative outcome on society and there culture by using unethical practices for years. Over done years, the National Police have committed many human rights and broken many laws, that can rival many of the harshest regimes known to man. Many times hey blind eye to gain land warfare and may assist rival gangs. After the earthquakes in January 2010 the international spotlight was placed upon Haiti, the corruption and lawlessness of the Haiti national police seemed to have disappeared. Only in time we will tell if it will stay this way.
Russian is a modern and first world country what you think would be above corruption, especially within its police force. It has been reported and some facts have surfaced about police corruption and crimes being committed by the Russian police. May report at the police have been extorting bribes and arresting innocent citizens, withe other crimes that have been committed by Russian police. Many times just to make the monthly quotas pressed upon them by the administration and because it not being paid well just make ends meet, they turn to corruption and bribery.
It has been plenty examples…

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