Arguments Against Police Brutality

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Police brutality: pushed past limits Having power over people does not give one the right to use it whichever way they choose too. Police brutality is an issue for communities around the world and continues to be an issue for society 's most vulnerable. A victim’s life by the higher authority like the police will become affected on many levels including: mentally, physically and emotionally. Victims are suffering every day as police choose to use excessive force and go to violent height to tame defencseless people they are targeting. Police have recently upgraded themselves by arming themselves with a body camera showing they have greater power a proof along their side, racism plays a main key role through police brutality as it depends on the officer whether he/she is discriminates the victim for based on their race and the officer takes the call without confirmation of what is happening and decides upon him/herself of using a lethal weapon. An officer who carries a lethal weapon must has to earn the responsibility, which is misused at the wrong time today. Enforcing the law should have its limits however should not go far unless needed, …show more content…
500 innocent Americans are murdered yearly every year (USDOJ). Police brutality is a huge issue that is not being talked about in society unless, an officer kills an innocent and it is broadcasted nationwide. Society being frightened by body cameras and how it is will be used, officers killing and hurting innocent victims because of racial discrimination and using lethal force when not needed and killing innocents. Police brutality should become well aware to everyone around the world and also taken seriously due to the amounts of people dying every day due to the reckless decisions made by police officers due to their advantage and power as a police

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