Police Brutality In Government

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In order to make the world a better place I would like to see less police brutality through stricter laws in government, a change in the way police are trained, and deeper investigation in issues of police brutality. Police brutality should be lessened because police are meant to be there to protect a community; however, the people being targeted by brutal police tactics, such as racial minorities, feel less safe due to the actions of the police and their abuse of power. This abuse includes taking advantage of someone, manipulation, an unfair gain of benefits for the police, assault, and physical or verbal maltreatment towards people. This should be handled because the only way to restore trust in our enforcement system is if we feel as though …show more content…
Also, all cases of police brutality should be fully investigated rather than just looked at and thrown to the side. By enforcing that policemen wear the new camera technology to record what happens, it will ensure that the laws government creates will be followed through properly. The cameras will make for excellent proof to not only bring to light the vast number of misconduct by police occurring, but it will also help to prevent future misconduct because the police will know that what happens can be seen. Also to further prevent police misconduct from happening, action should be taken from the root of the problem which is often poor training. Brutality will be prevented if there is a difference in the way police are trained, especially regarding how they must act in situations where force is needed to prevent a dangerous situation from happening. In America alone, 50% of people believe that police officers aren’t generally held accountable for their misconduct according to an April 2014 Reason Rupe poll. This is concerning because we live in a world where governments are supposed to provide justice and make sure that issues are taken care of and people are held accountable by the law for unjust actions. Human dignity should not be a privilege; it should be a

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