Essay about Police Brutality And The Police Force

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How the Conversation About Our Police Force has Changed
The police are responsible for our well-being, our protection, controlling crime, and maintaining public order. These individuals are held to a high standard, however, as Voltaire said best, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The police force is generally well-respected and supported; however, recent police brutality cases have been causing an uproar, and the media heavily influences the image people have of the police. So, have U.S. citizens’ opinions on law enforcement changed over time? While a large population of Americans remain confident in the police and assume a positive image of the police, recent studies have shown a gradual decrease in our citizens’ confidence and respect towards law enforcement. The conversation regarding our nation’s law enforcement has changed over the years, taking a rather negative direction due to police brutality and through the media portraying police brutality.
According to “The Law Dictionary”, police brutality is the use of excessive and/or unnecessary force by police when dealing with civilians. An excessive use of force refers to a force far beyond what is necessary to control a certain situation. Incidents of police brutality have been occurring all around the U.S. for decades now, but is it our perception of it that has changed? Perhaps the public has becoming less accepting of the police’s use of force over the years. According to the IACP, “The public’s acceptance…

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