Police Brutality : A Better Place Essays

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In order to make the world a better place I would like to see less police brutality through stricter laws in government, a change in the way police are trained, and deeper investigation in issues of police brutality. Police brutality should be lessened because police are meant to be there to protect a community; however, the people being targeted by brutal police tactics, such as racial minorities, feel less safe due to the actions of the police and their abuse of power. This abuse includes taking advantage of someone, manipulation, an unfair gain of benefits for the police, assault, and physical or verbal maltreatment towards people. This should be handled because the only way to restore trust in our enforcement system is if we feel as though they are here to help us not hurt us. By improving laws against police brutality it will make the world a better place because it will allow people to feel protected again. This will ultimately make the world a better place because people will be happier about their enforcement system and government system which is important in having a well run country that can function and develop.
Police brutality happens all over the world. It has happened for many years in the past, it is happening now, and it will continue to happen if effort is not exercised to try and eradicate this abuse of power. In America alone during 2010; 1,242 cases of excessive force by the police have been reported, according to the National Police Misconduct…

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