Police Body Cameras On The World Essay

819 Words Nov 1st, 2015 4 Pages
“In the first year after the cameras introduction, the use of force by officers’ decline 60%, and citizens’ complaints against police fell 88%”. (Christopher Mims) The introduction of police body cameras impacted the world in many better ways then bad. But, police body cameras where introduced due to the publics awareness to police brutality and numerous of publicity deaths which has impacted the outcome of police interactions. Police body cameras where first thought of when an awareness of police brutality was brought upon the public. with the help of cellphone cameras and surveillance cameras people were able to see videos of the brutal actions that some police officers inflicted on innocent victims. “A surveillance video shows Houston police officers relentlessly beating, kicking and stomping on a teen burglary suspect released to the public.”(ABC News) The victim of the police brutality was a young fifteen year old named Chad Holley who caught the attention of many people after the video went viral. One of these people was Quanell X, who steered the public to notice that police brutality is a huge crime that isn’t being noticed and should be stopped. With Quanell’s efforts more and more people started to notice the importance of police brutality and tried to find a way to stop it. One way was an act of recording the police doing these harsh crimes in which introduced police body cameras. I myself came upon this when I watched this same video live on the news and how…

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