Pnb Rocks Song Misunderstood Of Female Stereotypes

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In 2017 men are considered dogs. It is assumed that all men want one thing, and they can't be tied down to an individual female. Today's society tries and make that statement inaccurate. Though in some cases the statement is sadly true. In PnB Rocks song Misunderstood that stereotype is definitely fulfilled. Throughout the song he talks about how he wants to be with this girl but not actually be in a relationship with her. Showing that he is the stereotypical male. He is focused on his money, and sexual orientations.
The chorus of the song bluntly tells how he feels. Apparently, he even told the female that the song is about that he didn't want to have a relationship with her. The line, “Girl I told you what it was, I let you know,” proves
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PnB Rock says, “ Everything was all good just a week ago, now you tryna act like i'm creeping through.” This here plays into the female stereotype. Today's female generation has a tendency to accept the truth. It is assumed that the man is always lying, and never honest. So when he is in fact finally being truthful they play against what is being said, Kind of like the boy who cried wolf. So the lyrics literally say how the female switched up her attitude, and mindset. There was also the line, “ Texting me paragraphs and textbooks girl just leave me alone, You ain't my mom or PO, ain't gotta answer i'm grown.” This most definitely plays into the female stereotype. Females automatically feel entitled for a response or automatic reply. Humans need attention regardless who it is from. It's something that is expected rather than requested. When that need is not fulfilled they go into automatic defense mode. They start to feel like their partner no longer want her, is cheating on her, or is doing something he is not supposed to be doing. If they don't get a response, they will send you text after text until you reply. They will automatically assume the worst so that line one hundred percent fits a typical female in today's …show more content…
The line “I don't love you, but I love you,” is overall just a very deceiving line. It contradicts itself. How do you love someone, but not really love them? Many females have most likely heard a male say this confusing line. Men/Boys now a day abuse the word love in so many different ways. They use it it as a describing word rather than a meaningful world. One may say, “I love you,” but won't really be able to answer the question why. This can be the same for a female as well, but more so directed towards the male gender. There is also the scenario that the male wants his “partner” to himself, but he wants to be able to talk to multiple other ladies. Which of course will never pass with a female in today’s society, but that is how some men see a relationship with someone. PnB Rock’s next line, which is in the Pre-Chorus, he says “ Imma be the same shawty I probably won't change for a while, But I just wanna know is you still down?” This is one of the lines that play with, and against today’s stereotypes. The male figure admitting to not changing is definitely odd. It is expected for the boy to say that he will in fact change, and he will be a different and better person to have a relationship with the female. In this case, he is literally telling the girl that he wants that he most likely won't ever change, and if he does it won't be for a long time. He does say that he still wants her, but he wants

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