Music Analysis Of 'No. Body'

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Artist, WasionKey, presents a strong emotional appeal throughout his lyrics in his song "No.Body". The central message throughout this melody is to inform an ex-lover about the wrongness of his actions, and convincing her to accept his heart-warming apology. His use of words and musical background helped to structure his perception. His lyrics contained a massive use of repetition. The repetition of certain lines was used to firmly substantiate his devotion towards that female and her only. WasionKey presents a sympathetic tone in order to express his emotions towards his ex-lover compassionately throughout his lyrics, and informs the audience though he has done wrong, he still has a deep sentiment towards this person.
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In line 9 he says " I 've done my dirt, I 've done my fair share of running." (9). The word dirt used in this line refers to a bad deed that he has done and is not proud of. The metaphorical comparison between his actions and dirt reflect feelings that he feels bad for what he has done. This dirt could vary in meaning, but the emotional toll of this statement is mostly likely that he is not happy about what he has done. His use of anaphora for the words "I 've done" shows that he owns up to his actions, and want this person to understand he is truly sorry. Equally important, in the next line WasionKey mentions " I know my words, right now they don’t mean nothing." (10). The sentiment of this line gives the expression that he knows what he may have said in the past, but now he wants this person to forget those words and now understand what he has to say now. Throughout his bridge, WasionKey presents abstract diction. In other words, he does not present a certain type of image to get into the audience 's head, but you can feel passion through his words. He never gave exact details about what he did. Instead, he presents his emotions by informing the audience that he is aware of his mistakes and wants to take full responsibility for those actions. By doing this, he successfully conveys a feeling of regret, generating the audience to feel …show more content…
In lines 22-23 he states "Fuck an apology, girl you 're a part of me, The Biggest part of me I would say." At this point of the lyrics, it appears that he has reached emotional agitation. The tone at this point of the lyrics presents discomposure and distress. Furthermore, in lines 24-25 he mentions "You were the start of me, you 'll be the end of me." The aggression in these lines reiterates his awareness of what he has done wrong. It accentuates on what is important, and that is regaining love and trust from his significant other. In line 33 Wasionkey appears to be altruistic by stating " You come first." By appending this line to his lyrics, it informs this symbolic person as well as the audience that there is not anyone or anything that matters more to him than being with that individual. Given these points, it is obvious that WasionKey has a tenderness in his heart and will continue to do whatever it takes to earn that person

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