Essay on Playing Video Games Should Not Be Competitive

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Competitive sports are by far and wide the most popular entertainment source in the world and have been since almost always. Whether you are a soccer fan, spell better than anyone around, or would jump in a frantic joy as your favorite football team scores that touchdown. Mankind has always had this burning passion to be competitive with one another. This is a phenomenon that has, still is, and will probably last forever. What can we say games are fun! Also, whether you are playing or viewing there is entertainment for everyone involved.
In the last ten years or so avid fans of video games like League of Legends and Call of Duty, just to name a couple, have been making some substantial income playing competitively with players around the world. Just like Peyton Manning these e-Sporters have sponsorships, contracts, and soon to be the first ever e-Sport arena in London. Playing video games competitively is not a new fad the hip kids are doing. This has been popular among “gamers” for quite some time. What makes this time different is the fan-base and support that is received to these games. It’s not just the few hundred thousand people in the stands, millions of people tune in every day to watch their favorite players. All this buzz has sparked quite the controversy, among other things all this respect has brought up the question. Are e-Sports sports at all? Video games have often been seen as something childish, immature, some people associate it with being lazy and…

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