Playful Pals Playschool Is A Healthy Environment For Children

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Playful Pals Playschool is a healthy environment for children to have their first school experience. It is designed in a way that children never feel bored and develop an instant liking to the playschool so that the idea of proper school does not seem that frightening to them later when they begin school. Our playschool helps children come out of their shells, discover their strengths and their weaknesses and, develop self-confidence. Playschool is an excellent opportunity for children to conquer their hesitancy of talking to new people as playschool is potentially the first time little friends are surrounded by others their age with similar interests as them. Through play and experimentation little friends discover their likes and dislikes which then helps them connect to people with similar interests. Being friendly with someone other than your family member and more your own age not only keeps you grounded and helps in developing self-confidence but is also an important part of human development. Our supervisors strive daily to keep parents updated about upcoming events through their twitter page (@playfulpalsjfs) so that children never miss on events which are bonding and learning opportunities. All of these benefits add in, making playschool an excellent starting point for young ones.
Description of Child # 1 – Jwan
Jwan is a blacked haired Muslim boy who was born on February 2nd 2012 making him 3 years and 4 months, to date. Jwan’s most prominent feature are his…

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