Playful Pals Playschool: First School Experiences

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Playful Pals Playschool is a healthy environment for children to have their first school experience. It is designed in a way that children never feel bored and develop an instant liking to the playschool so that the idea of proper school does not seem that frightening to them later when they begin school. Our playschool helps children come out of their shells, discover their strengths and their weaknesses and, develop self-confidence. Playschool is an excellent opportunity for children to conquer their hesitancy of talking to new people as playschool is potentially the first time little friends are surrounded by others their age with similar interests as them. Through play and experimentation little friends discover their likes and dislikes …show more content…
Jwan’s most prominent feature are his thick and long eyelashes. His other features include dark brown eyes and pale skin.
Jwan is an energetic child who likes to get involved in hands-on activities. In playschool he always has a positive attitude towards learning and never hesitates to experiment outside his comfort zones for example playing with other little friends. He is a fast learner which further develops his interests in a variety of activities. However this also means that he gets tired of things rather quickly.
After observing him for some time it can be concluded that his favourite activities include building blocks, dramatic centre, trains, puppets, making sounds (helicopter sound, dolphin sounds), playing with ball with friends, singing songs and clapping with music during circle time and challenging himself. However despite his positive attitude there are activities and centres that he is not particularly fond. These activities include: circle time, any activity which requires him paying attention to someone and library
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From childhood she has spoken her cultural language so now when she has been forced to speak English all of a sudden, it is a bit overwhelming for her. This explains why Jessica does not speak much at playschool – which leads one to believe that Jessica has underdeveloped English language skills. Jessica can be called one of the quietest kids in her playschool class. She is quiet from the time she comes in the playschool to the time she leaves. Jessica does not; use language to get what she wants and use language to express emotions. Once while observing Jessica, I noticed that when she was tired of playing with the farm house and wanted to move towards the block centre, she simply pointed towards the block centre to tell her big friend that she wants to go there. When her big friend encouraged her to speak by asking; “where do you want to go?” she simply pointed towards the block centre and then got up and left. This shows that Jessica does not have difficulty in speaking as much as shyness to respond because I have seen her speak when encouraged to. For example when I took over Jessica and took her for snack time, I asked her what the flavour of her drink was? and she was able to respond to my

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