Write An Essay On The Importance Of Play

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Through our lessons, we have been reading about how play needs to be an intrical part of all of our lives, regardless of age. Play can and does take on many different forms throughout our lives. Play can be a means of learning a new skill, growing in an area of weakness or processing information or an event you have witnesses just to name a few. Through the next few minutes we will talk about several different avenues play can take.
When we look at the way play can be independent (unobserved), or the idea of supervised play, we can see that each path leads to different ways of growth within the individual. I will begin with the idea of independent play. At first you may think this simply means to play alone, but it can be more than that. According to Dictionary.com, independent can also mean “not influenced or
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What I feel is most important to remember through each stage of life is, that we only get so much time with our children and above all else we must have a working positive relationship with one another. If you have the type of relationship that your child knows that even when they mess up, you are still there with unconditional love, your bond can keep you and your child strong through all the ups and downs life will bring along. I have talked about how you and your child, youngster through teens, need to have a common understanding of the family boundaries and why they are there. Children really do like to have boundaries, but they will test them from time to time in order to see if you mean what you say. We are all going to mess up from time to time, it is part of being human, but when a mishap occurs, a nature consequence or reaction is also part of life. This is important for parents to remember, we do not always have to be our child’s friend, we do need to watch out for their health and

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