Play Activity Assignment Essay

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PLAY ACTIVITY INTRODUCTION This assignment is called Play activity. It is worth 30% of the overall grade of the module Early Childhood Education. As part of the assessment criteria of this assignment I must complete a play activity to a group o children aged between 0-6 years. WORK PLACE I have been starting to work in Crèche X in Donnybrook area since two weeks ago (as a full time). I have been in a free trial, then part time till they decided I can start full time. I work in Baby room. There are five children at the moment. I love children and I like being around them. I haven’t worked before with babies, so it was a challenge and a big responsibility for me and I was very happy for the chance given to me.
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Another aim is to develop children’s creativity by mixing colors, working in groups. Consultation with my supervisor When I take a group of children out I have to be aware of their safety: planning, permission, supervision, transport. In my case, I go into a park just near by our location with a group of pre school children. I spoke with my supervisor to give permission and a letter should be sent to all the parents/guardians of the children. Co-operation with families is essential to ensure the welfare of the children. The supervisor told me it s not necessary a transport, because it is just two minutes away. We do not need packed meals, only some bottles of water, tissues, spare clothing, small first aid kit, a charged mobile phone and emergency contact numbers, ensuring that the service’s insurance policy includes adequate cover for outings. I have to take care of health, safety and hygiene of children maintaining a high standard of care which promotes the development of the children. Children should be suitably dressed for the outing in cloths which protect against the weather. Children should not wear their best cloths. Children’s clothing needs to allow them freedom of movement so that they can take full advantage of all the opportunities offered on the outing. I remembered to children about road safety. Always we cross the road at safe points such as traffic lights. I checked the place in advance to be sure of the facilities

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