Plastic Surgery And Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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There has been a rise in the amount of people in the United States that elect to go through cosmetic surgery. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “[t]here were more than 10 million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2014. Surgical procedures accounted for 60% of the total expenditures and nonsurgical procedures accounted for 40% of the total expenditures” (ASAPS). Most insurance companies may already cover plastic surgery to a certain extent; “reconstructive surgeries that correct a legitimate medical concern are usually insured on the basis that they are necessary for one’s health and well-being” (Child 5). Insurance does not cover cosmetic surgeries that changes the body for the sake of appearance. Cosmetic surgery should be covered by health insurance based on the nature and problems that define the condition, whether it is aesthetic or therapeutic, and how the legalization will affect the mindset of society.
To begin with, it is important to understand the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is focused on reconstruction, such as that of congenital defects, trauma, and disease. It corrects dysfunctional areas of the body. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand is focused on enhancing a patient’s appearance, generally speaking. Due to the work being done on areas whose function is working properly, it is elective. An example between for the distinction of these two is…

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