Plant Tour Mini Case Summary

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Plant tour Mini Case:
1.What problems does this company appear to have in regard to the operations management side of their operations?
Although there are no clear problems that the company appears to have in terms of their operations management, there are possible reasons which could lead to problems in the future in certain situations. One possible problem Lake Wilcox could face is the lack of storage and space in their current operations building. The production area of the building is fairly small and condensed; if there is ever an excess amount of beer brewed or excess amount of packaging required the operations management could face challenges in regard to utilizing space efficiently. This co Another potential problem the company appears to have is its distribution method of its product. The
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The current location does have issues with their storage capacities because their entire operations are cramped into one facility. Operations, production, packaging, storage, offices, and the restaurant and bar are all in one location. The company also relies heavily on other distribution companies to ship its product to limited LCBO stores. Therefore, if the company were to expand the operations to stores around Ontario, there would be less reliance on other distribution companies. If the company chooses to hire more workers solely on distribution, they can potentially decrease waiting time between the shipment of product to the customer. In addition, by expanding to different locations, more customers will have more access and awareness of the brewery. Currently, the one location in Vaughan may not be accessible to many Ontario residents. We can look into expanding business to more populated areas that are closer to the city of Toronto, where millions of people are currently living

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